Patch Notes

September 15, 2023

9/15/2023 Patch Notes

Progression has been reset! Perks, perk slots, stash tabs and secure slots must be unlocked through progression for this test. Those who owned the season booster and/or founders pack will be unaffected by this change.

Cosmetics will begin unequipped but are not lost.


  • Added rewards back to the progression track
  • Perk Slots
  • Stash Tabs
  • Safe Container Slots
  • Crafting Tiers
  • Objective Keycards


  • Show armor rating as well as damage mitigation on the stat panel.


  • Added Agent Missions
  • Agent Missions allow the player to complete tasks for different Agents. Doing different missions will unlock various progression items for the player to take advantage of.
  • Added missions tab to the top nav bar.
  • Missions in match will be marked on their map by a gold mission icon. 
  • Missions will be marked on their map. Some missions require players to extract a specific item or kill players.
  • Mission rewards can be claimed in the Missions tab.

Vendors and Crafting

  • Crafting adjusted
  • Added new components required for crafting.
  • New Salvage vendor activated.
  • Salvaging weapons and armor will drop a new crafting component of equal rarity.
  • Weapon and armor vendors now rotate what is available to purchase.


  • Changed knife color from purple to orange/red.


  • Some ability cooldowns adjusted.
  • Added a deploy animation for healing station, dome shield, motion sensor.
  • Disabled self-damage on proximity mine.
  • Added a new small camera shake to proximity mine explosion.

Keycard Objectives

  • High Security Levels now require a specific objective keycard to enter.
  • You earn these keycards by leveling up out of match.

Map Generation

  • Reduced the number of Yellow Security Levels.


  • Increased difficulty of Cybrids in the Orange Security rooms. 
  • Increased Ambush Laser Cybrids health to 1200.
  • Increased Phalanx Melee health to 1200.
  • Increased Guardian's projectile speed.


  • Fixed an issue where vendors would not populate after a match
  • Fixed an issue where contracts would not progress properly at the end of match screen.
  • Fixed an issue where 1P pack VFX would remain on your screen if you respawned while your spectated target was using a health/shield pack.

Known Issues

  • Stat panel in match sometimes does not update properly.
  • Issue with some missions not displaying properly after completing them. After relaunching they will be fixed.
  • Issue with ability and weapon VFX sometimes obscuring the camera.
  • Issue with invisible collision missing VFX when entering high security rooms.

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