September 22 Changes

September 22, 2023

We heard the feedback on the past iterations of the game and decided to return to the Season 1 iteration the community cared about most. Below are the patch notes based on the announcement made.


  • No classes or loadout restrictions.
  • Players will have all abilities available and unlock perks through progression.
  • Adding back in the stash and stash tabs which unlock as you level.
  • Backpack slots reintroduced.
  • Reduced number of available slots, but all slots can hold weapons and armor.
  • Secure slots will allow players to store weapons and armor.
  • Armor will remain droppable.
  • Armor will stay as 4 pieces: Helmet, Chest, Gloves and Boots. 
  • Weapons and armor will now roll a single attribute from set pools.
    For example, chest armor can roll Resilience, Max Health, Max Shield, or Headshot Mitigation.
    The amount of the rolled attribute increases with rarity.


  • Reputation is granted on confirmed player kill and extraction, as it was before.  
  • Daily Contracts will grant XP, Credits, and have a random loot pool of items.
  • Progression for stash/crafting/etc will unlock with levels.
  • Secure Slots: Unlocked at levels 6/16/26/36
  • Stash Tabs: Unlocked at level 8/18/28/38
  • Level Progression Tab removed.

Vendors and Crafting

  • Adding Armor, Weapon, Consumable and Salvage vendors with level gating.
  • Economy has been reworked for weapon and armor rarity costs
  • Crafting will be limited to the salvage vendor and crafting from salvage (no component).
  • Crafting materials removed from loot drops.
  • Added ability to craft Unique rarity at later levels


  • Revives will work differently now. Players will now be put into a ‘downed state' where they can be revived via their beacon found on their player crate. If an enemy destroys their beacon, they will be unable to revive for the remainder of the match.


  • Maps and Fog circle will remain the same (Squads and Solo).
  • Escape pods will spawn in waves around the outer edge of the fog circle for players to use to escape.
  • High security rooms will have some harder bots to fight.
  • Loot rarity drop rates will be reduced slightly.
  • Valuables will drop again in lower quantities for selling.

Known Issues

  • Crafting an item will take components but not give the item until the player relaunches or comes back from match.
  • Salvage items also may not visually be taken after being used for crafting. 
  • Items may automatically move from the backpack to the stash.

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