What is Starsiege: Raiders?

Starsiege: Raiders is a first person movement based progression shooter. Your goal as a Raider is to infiltrate Cybrid territories & space colonies to extract alien artifacts off the planet. However, many Cybrid's & other hired Raiders will do whatever it takes to get their share as well.

Is this a Battle Royale?

No Starsiege: Raiders is not a Battle Royale. However, some gameplay is influenced by the genre, like dropping into a large, open map & survival based gameplay.

Where can I play Starsiege: Raiders? Is the game available on consoles?

Currently, Starsiege: Raiders is only available through Steam.

We are currently working on console support for both PlayStation & Xbox.

When can I play Starsiege: Raiders?

The game is in alpha and you can access the game with a Steam key. Sign up for a key here.

Will there be controller support?

Yes, controller support is currently being worked on by our team.

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Who is developing Starsiege: Raiders?

Prophecy Games is developing Starsiege: Raiders.

Prophecy Games was a studio that split off from Hi-Rez studios in 2020. Learn more at

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